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RGA Annual General Meeting đź—“


Dear members,

You are invited to attend the 2019-20 Annual General Meeting of the RGA, postponed from the summer.  The event was postponed due to extraordinary circumstances i.e. the COVID-19 pandemic.  This meeting will be held remotely, via MS Teams, on Thursday 24th September 2020 at 18:30.

Lead Member for Education, Ashley Pearce, will join us to update governors with news on the progress of Brighter Futures for Children, and his latest insights on COVID-19 measures.

Formal invites to members will be issued forthwith, and the Agenda and Papers for the meeting are shown below.  An instruction sheet will be provided prior to the meeting, to facilitate all attendees in accessing the meeting, asking questions, and voting.

AGM Agenda 2019-20

RGA 2018-19 AGM Minutes Draft

Chair’s Report 2019-20

Treasurer’s Report 2019-20

Income Expenditure Report 2019-20

RGA Constitution Final, ratified 26 June 2019






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