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RGA and BFfC Resources

Presentations from previous RGA events can be accessed below.

Disadvantaged Network 13.10.20 – Suggested Governor challenges on outcomes

Safeguarding Network 01.10.20 – H&S Governor outline

Safeguarding Network 01.10.20 – Education COVID-19 flowchart (v3)

CVCC Network 9.9.20 – Summary and Q&A from meeting

CVCC Network 9.9.20 – What is Ofsted up to?

CVCC Network 9.9.20 – Delivering a good quality of education via distance learning

CVCC Network 9.9.20 – Local lockdown in Reading?

CVCC Network 9.9.20 – Education COVID-19 flowchart (v2)

CVCC Network 9.9.20 – Governors’ responsibilities re Pandemic Catch Up Funding

Relationships Education [27.02.2020]

Safeguarding Network 12.02.20 – Gill Dunlop updates

Chairs’ Network 29.1.20 – Staff Wellbeing: EP Collier Case Study

Chairs’ Network 29.1.20 – Governor and Staff Wellbeing Part 1

Chairs’ Network 29.1.20 – Feedback from a recent Ofsted inspection

Safeguarding Network 19.11.19 – Example Safeguarding Governor visit outline

Safeguarding Network 19.11.19 – NGA Safeguarding Governor Role Description 2019

Safeguarding Network 19.11.19 – NGA Governance of Safeguarding 2019

Safeguarding Network 19.11.19 – NGA Questions for governing boards to ask re Health and Safety

Mental health is not extracurricular [09.05.2019]


Presentations from NGA conferences attended on your behalf can be accessed here.

London & SE Conference Presentation Autumn 2020

Ofsted Interim Visits Autumn 2020


Useful resources for Pupil Premium/Disadvantaged Governors.

EEF Guide to the Pupil Premium


Useful resources for Safeguarding Governors

West Berkshire LA recently ran a safeguarding course for governors and have kindly agreed to let us share an online recording of the course as well as their excellent safeguarding toolkit.  Please note, that safeguarding governors are required to complete formal training, but this may be useful if you are new to the role, have not had a chance to book a course yet or just want to know more.

You can view the course which took place on 24/10/2020 by clicking here

Safeguarding Governor Toolkit – April 20 v5