Bringing Reading Schools Closer Together

Specialist networks

Whilst it is indisputably important to receive regular training from educational experts, we find that facilitating events where governors can also talk with each other to share best practice, consult on problematic issues, or even buddy together, is just as valuable to school governors.  The RGA has formed ‘Networks’ to drive improvement in these key areas.

Chairs, Vice-Chairs and Clerks

This forum is for all current and aspiring chairs, of all types of governors, plus their clerks.  It is led by members of the RGA executive board, who between them, govern in every type of school, and collectively have considerable experience, including as clerks to governing boards.


This forum is for all governors, but particularly those who hold Safeguarding, Health & Safety and Wellbeing roles.  Experts who inform this group include Gill Dunlop, Pupil and Schools Service Manager, and Sarah Jolly, Health and Safety Adviser.


This forum is for all governors, but particularly those who hold Pupil Premium, SEND and Inclusion roles.  Experts who inform this group include Alice Boon, School Partnership Advisor; Deb Hunter, Principal Education Psychologist; Clare Houlton, Virtual Head of Children Missing Out on Education.


This forum is for all governors, but particularly those who sit on, or chair a finance committee.  It covers both academy and LA accounting procedures and timelines.  This group is principally led by Matt Espley, SBM at Ditton Park Academy, CFO of a small multi-academy trust, and also Chair of Governors at Coley Primary School.  His background is in working in LA finance, so has a good appreciation of all aspects of school finance, both at operational and strategic levels.


Additionally, we have identified some other cohorts who benefit from meeting to share experiences, but in a less formal manner.  We call these meetings ‘Forums’, and they do not have any agenda or pre-reading, but are intended as discussion opportunities, facilitated by experienced colleagues.

New Governors

This forum is aimed at all governors in the first two years of their role as a school governor, no matter the position they hold on their board.  Members of the RGA board facilitate these sessions.


This forum is aimed at all clerks, regardless of the types of organisations and boards they serve.  Meetings are held at the start of seasonal terms, facilitated by the RGA Clerk, Hazel Archer.  They are intended to be ‘governor-free’ spaces!


All networks meet three times a year, and are advertised on our events page.  Please make sure that you keep us updated with any changes to these governor role holders at your school.


AGM & Summer Conference
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