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RGA and BFfC Resources

Presentations from previous RGA events can be accessed below.  Thanks also to BFfC for sharing a sample of their resources.



CVCC Network 25.1.22 – Example GB annual work plan – Maintained Primary Federation

CVCC Network 25.1.22 – Example GB annual work plan – SAT Secondary School (1 of 2)

CVCC Network 25.1.22 – Example GB annual work plan – SAT Secondary School (2 of 2)

CVCC Network 25.1.22 – Example GB annual work plan – MAT Secondary School

Dame Kate Dethridge, Regional Schools’ Commissioner: Academisation [09.12.21]

CVCC Network 28.01.21 – New Governor induction programme

BFfC School Capacity Overview – Autumn 2021

Focus on the 3 core functions of governance during these challenging times [02.12.2020]

DfE list of Statutory Policies for schools and academy trusts



Andrew Hall: Summary of learnings from Child Q report

Safeguarding Network 10.3.22 – The SCR: what to look for

Safeguarding Network 10.3.22 – Judicium Education: 12 Key Reasons for Ineffective Safeguarding

Safeguarding Network 10.3.22 – Notes from Ofsted review of sexual abuse in schools and colleges

Safeguarding Network 21.4.21 – Summary and Q&A from meeting

Safeguarding Network 21.4.21 – Section 175 Safeguarding Audit Feedback

Safeguarding Network 21.4.21 – Further reading on #EveryonesInvited

Safeguarding Network 21.4.21 – ASCL Guidance, resources and information when considering response to reports of sexual violence and harassment

Safeguarding Network 21.4.21 – Model Safeguarding process to respond to mental health and peer on peer incidents

Safeguarding Network 1.10.20 – H&S Governor outline

Safeguarding Network 12.02.20 – Gill Dunlop updates

Safeguarding Network 19.11.19 – Example Safeguarding Governor visit outline

Safeguarding Network 19.11.19 – NGA Questions for governing boards to ask re Health and Safety

NGA guide to the Governance of Safeguarding – December 2020

NGA Safeguarding link governor/trustee model role description – December 2020

Keeping Children Safe – Adapting to Change and Transforming Practice

West Berkshire LA safeguarding course 24.10.20 – online recording

Berkshire West Safeguarding Governor Toolkit – April 2020

Andrew Hall’s free Safeguarding Newsletter



BFfC – School Accessibility Plans – statutory requirements for governors

Equity of Education [29.06.2021]

Disadvantaged Network 13.5.21 – Inclusive Music Education Presentation

Disadvantaged Network 13.10.20 – Suggested Governor challenges on outcomes

BFfC – Therapeutic Thinking Schools – Autumn 2021

nasen SEND Questions for governors and trustees

EEF Guide to the Pupil Premium



Harris Academies’ account of their cyber attack: how it happened and how it was resolved

Finance Network 4.4.22 – RPA Cyber Guidance

Finance Network 4.4.22 – Multi-Year Budgeting, Cyber Security, Deficits

Finance Network 14.6.21 – Effective Governance, Finance Cycle, Budget Monitoring, Benchmarking

BFfC – School resources – top 10 checks for governors [DfE 2018]

CVCC Network 9.9.20 – Governors’ responsibilities re Pandemic Catch Up Funding



BFfC – ONE Reading Children and Young People’s Partnership

Safeguarding Network 21.4.21 – Wellbeing Governor: Focus on Staff Wellbeing

Safeguarding Network 21.4.21 – The relationship between school leaders and governors

Safeguarding Network 21.4.21 – Questions for Governors to Introduce Wellbeing and Mental Health

Safeguarding Network 21.4.21 – CWMT example staff wellbeing survey

Safeguarding Network 21.4.21 – Governor Questions on Mental Health & Wellbeing

Chairs’ Network 29.1.20 – Staff Wellbeing: EP Collier Case Study

Chairs’ Network 29.1.20 – Governor and Staff Wellbeing Part 1

Mental health is not extracurricular [09.05.2019]



Early Career Framework

Relationships Education [27.02.2020]




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