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If you have a specific issue which is either urgent or quite complicated, a member of our team may be able to help.  Please use the Contact Us page to email our clerk with your request.

Board members have, for example, been invited by local governing boards to share their personal experiences of academisation, federation, how to find the right multi-academy trust and suggested due diligence.

Peer Reviews

    Fay Holland – NGA

With increasing emphasis on school-to-school support, there is a growing interest among governing boards in exploring different ways of working together.

The RGA recognises that there are situations where a full review of governance is not desired, but a GB may benefit from informal constructive guidance from fellow volunteer practitioners.  Peer review is a recognised method of improving organisations where, as the name suggests, a peer, not an inspector, reviews another’s practice.

The NGA promotes the development of board to board governance reviews and the RGA can act as a facilitator to this process.  Please contact us if you are interested in exploring this further.


Full clerking provision is proving challenging across the region.  RGA fully appreciate the benefits that a good clerk brings to a governing body, and are making preparations to facilitate schools to find clerks and vice versa, in the same manner as the NGA.  Updates to this service will follow.


Governors who are thrown in ‘at the deep end’ to roles such as chair, or safeguarding, should be supported by colleagues.  We can partner you with a more experienced governor to help you until you are more established.  Similarly, if you feel that your governing body would benefit from another’s experience, such as modelling appropriate challenge during meetings, how to organise meetings efficiently, good governor recruitment practices, improved governance documentation etc., then please get in touch.


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